Feb 212013

Here are a couple of shots of an old farm house down in Draper on a very busy corner.  A lot of you have probably been past this place (it’s across the street from a very large new sports store).  It’s about to be torn down – it’s no longer structurally stable.  The brick will be used as interior finish for the Sonny Bryan’s we’re working on in Salt Lake.  I really like the gable shingles – there’s some pretty cool detail on this old place.

  • The numbers:
    • The window is a bit of a selfy (not on purpose) ISO 200, 35mm, 1/45 second, f13 hand held.
    • The front door same numbers
    • The front of the house (guess who’s in the window), same as above but the shutter was 1/125th.

These pictures were processed in Lightroom and posted.

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