May 072017

I’ve always Salt Lake was pretty cool.  I don’t get there very often these day so recently when I was there with my camera I thought I would grab a couple of pics.  I wound up with three that had reflections in them so I thought I would share.  One is in the Brigham Young park of the water wheel and pond there.  On other popular pic of the temple in the reflecting pool.  The last of City Creek.  Enjoy.

Aug 152016

Just shooting random pics while waiting for everyone to finish there shopping and misc. breaks.  This is a single shot HDR’d in Lightroom.  The exposure was .6 seconds at f8 ISO 200 hand held.

Old Faithful Inn

Dec 112015

The weather was really mild a couple of days ago when I went to shoot Christmas lights at Temple Square.  Good news is I didn’t freeze, bad news is everyone and all their brothers and sisters were there.  We took my daughter and a couple of grand kids which was fun.  I’ll share a couple of picture now and try to get more Christmas pictures later.

May 022015

This series of photos gives a very broad idea of the city of Little Rock Arkansas.  The city used to be significant railroad town.  The history of the city is important in civil rights as well.  Little Rock has done a good job of encouraging preservation of historic sites and architecture.

Mar 162015

I went to Las Vegas this last week to attend a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Conference and as a part of the conference we had an event at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.  There’s a pretty cool collection of buildings there as well as a nice botanical garden.  We only had time to tour a small area of the faculty, but buildings included: a rammed earth building, straw bail building, cooling done by evaporation towers and natural ventilation and included the UNLV entry into the solar decathlon in DC (they were awarded a second place for there efforts).  We participated in a presentation about the preserve and the facilities there, then had networking session and then dinner.  My wife and I had a great time.  Below are photos of the facilities.

Jun 122014

Our visit to Jamestown was interesting and fun.  I didn’t realize that the Jamestown site was only found 20 years ago and it is still an active archaeological site.  One of the down sides of visiting Jamestown is that there are three different entities controlling different areas of the site and they all what there pound of flesh to visit their part of the site.  We chose to visit the area controlled by the State of Virginia where all of the recreated Jamestown stuff is.  The recreated area includes a very nice museum, a recreation of an Indian village and a recreation of the town site.  The photos give you an idea of how small the ships were that were used to cross the Atlantic.   They also show how basic everything from the church to the armory to the governors residence was.  I really like the trusses in the church.  I’ve always been a fan of heavy timber construction.


Jun 042014

Colonial Williamsburg is pretty impressive in a lot of ways.  I was fascinated with the architecture for some reason.  We have the Rockefeller family to thank for is preservation.  A very impressive place historically as well as architecturally.  Enjoy.

Apr 022014

There are a lot of really cool buildings at Dartmouth College which is in Hanover NH.  This one is Baker Hall.  I don’t have any idea what this buildings use is (residence hall or whatever), but the spaces inside were pretty cool.

Mar 292014

There was so many choices when it came to things to photograph around Hanover, NH.  I like things that are related to architecture and/or history.  When I can across information about the Cornish-Windsor Bridge I decided that was one thing I didn’t want to miss.  Here a link the the history.

There are a couple of picture with no bridge in it.  Well, I was standing beside the bridge and was taken by the beauty of the area so I had to try and capture it.  The weather added to the feeling of the scene.  Bare in mind that these picture where taken on the 20th of March!

Mar 232014

When I’m in a new place I like to explore and see what there is that’s interesting about the area I’m visiting.  My trip to Hanover, NH was no different that a lot of trips I do.  I had to go for work, so instead of spending a lot of time in a hotel room or some other establishment, I explored.  I am going to start by sharing the pictures I took of the Simon Pierce Restaurant and gallery and studio.  Unfortunately it was later in the day so the studio was closed.  The restaurant by the way is outstanding!  Hope you like these pics.  There were obviously taken late in the day, which makes taking pictures into and out of or as a back light a little easier.