May 072017

I’ve always Salt Lake was pretty cool.  I don’t get there very often these day so recently when I was there with my camera I thought I would grab a couple of pics.  I wound up with three that had reflections in them so I thought I would share.  One is in the Brigham Young park of the water wheel and pond there.  On other popular pic of the temple in the reflecting pool.  The last of City Creek.  Enjoy.

Apr 292015

Last week I spent some time in a part of the country I’ve never been to.  Little Rock Arkansas is an interesting little town.  I was there for a class and the requirements were such that I didn’t get a lot of time for getting exploring or taking pictures.  I did manage to get out for an hour or so a couple of evenings.  I’ll share what I captured here over the next couple of days.  I walked right past the Clinton Presidential Library and didn’t get one picture.  I scouted pictures but never got back to take any.  I did get pictures of and from the Presidential Bridge.  The bridge is an old rail road bridge that crosses the Arkansas River and has been fixed up and made into a nice pedestrian bridge.  I’ll share those first.

Mar 292014

There was so many choices when it came to things to photograph around Hanover, NH.  I like things that are related to architecture and/or history.  When I can across information about the Cornish-Windsor Bridge I decided that was one thing I didn’t want to miss.  Here a link the the history.

There are a couple of picture with no bridge in it.  Well, I was standing beside the bridge and was taken by the beauty of the area so I had to try and capture it.  The weather added to the feeling of the scene.  Bare in mind that these picture where taken on the 20th of March!