Nov 282016

It’s become a tradition to have  Thanksgiving with my wife’s family at their ranch.  It’s a lot of fun and great food.  Basically everything Thanksgiving is supposed to be.  Conditions haven’t been great for grabbing photos but I did catch this one which I really liked.  This one taken looking north late in the afternoon across a pond that’s on the ranch.  I did a little bit of post processing, but not much.  This was shot at ISO 200 1/200 second at f9.0. I used my 18-135mm lens set at 35mm.

Thankful for the beauty that surrounds me every day.

Thankful for the beauty that surrounds me every day.


Jan 062015

What happens when your daughter is into nails and you’ve got a lot of female visitors over the Holidays?  Nail parties non stop!  What’s that got to do with me and photography?  Take a look…

Dec 022013

Nothing like Thanksgiving with family, it’s a real treat and this year was no exception.  We’ve been getting together with the Roberts for Thanksgiving since I can remember.  I captured some fun photos this year so I’d thought I’d share.  Hope you like them.  BTW the Roberts family wanted some pics so I’m sharing those also.

Jun 292013

My granddaughter turned three months today.  I decided to have a conversation with her to see how she likes life so far.  These pictures were all taken while I talked to the baby and my daughter worked my camera.

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Feb 152011

Been very busy with all kinds of stuff, new websites for the cabin and taxes and yard work and riding bikes so the blog is suffering and down the list.  You’ll have to settle for baby pictures or nothing at all.  This is me and my lil sweepy when I visited her and her parents earlier this month