Apr 132012

OK, so I one set pictures on my last trip to Portland.  Here it is a sunset looking out the restaurant window across the Columbia at sunset.  3 shot HDR taken with my camera mounted on my table top tripod.

Jan 082012

Here’s the shot that every one that goes to Multmonah Falls takes.  This one with a bit of an HDR spin on it.

Dec 312011

I went to Portland Oregon for Christmas and didn’t get a lot of time to photo safari, but we made one trip to Multnomah Falls.  This is a 15 shot vertical HDR Panorama.  I’ve only had time to process three of the shots from that day I think this is my favorite so far.

Nov 042011

My wife went to visit my daughter and granddaughter last weekend and came back with a couple of photos she took with her phone.  She wanted to use them for the back ground on her computer.  Well it didn’t look so good so I went to work on it in Photoshop.  I think it looks a lot better.  Take a look.