Aug 152016

Just shooting random pics while waiting for everyone to finish there shopping and misc. breaks.  This is a single shot HDR’d in Lightroom.  The exposure was .6 seconds at f8 ISO 200 hand held.

Old Faithful Inn

Jan 062015

What happens when your daughter is into nails and you’ve got a lot of female visitors over the Holidays?  Nail parties non stop!  What’s that got to do with me and photography?  Take a look…

Dec 282012

12 12-2012 Christmas-003-Edit

Can I just say that children make Christmas a real treat.  I caught my granddaughter playing with the Nativity.  I like the warm kind of painting appearance of the shot also.  I love my Metz flash!  I set my camera to a narrow depth of field and the flash followed suit by only lighting what I wanted a picture of.  Not to mention that it didn’t over expose the shot even though I was fairly close to the subject.  So here’s the info about the shot: 1/30th second at f5.6 40mm on my 16 to 50mm lens ISO 400.

Nov 132012
Nov 042012

You might get the idea from what I post that I do not into photos of people.  Well, I really am I just don’t do it very often and when I do I don’t usually post them because they are family.  I got the cutest little granddaughter and somethings just can’t be helped.  This was taken in the late afternoon/early evening and the light is a little harsh.  I also had to deal with the shadows created by the trees in the backyard.  These shots were taken while just playing around in the back yard.  My favorite kind of portrait/person pictures are the more spontaneous pictures.  The settings for this pic were: 1/500th sec, f4, ISO 200

Dec 202010

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to take pictures of people (on purpose).  The specific request was Temple Square pictures with Christmas lights.  Not a real easy thing to do.  Here’s one of the four I ended up with.

Oct 182010

I was scanning a few pictures today.  I’m a little disappointed in the quality of the scans, but the pics are precious.  This one is of Tyler smelling the flowers at my in-laws house a few years ago in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.