Sep 182017

Labor day weekend in Yellowstone and Island Park.  It got smokier as the week end went along by Labor Day the sky was pretty much gray nondescript and photos taken at any kind of distance suffered from the effects of smoke.  The difference in picture quality from photos taken on Thursday and then on Tuesday was pretty dramatic.  All of these photos were taken on Thursday.  The only picture I’ve posted from Tuesday is the brink of the Yellowstone Upper Falls and that we taken only a few feet away so smoke wasn’t to bad.


Apr 122017

Lucky thing for us we were half an hour early to the performance at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.  Bad new is that photography of the performance allowed is not allowed.  There wasn’t time before or after for pictures either.  Soooo..  I went out and took a quick tour around Temple Square and grabbed a few pics of the flowers, which are always amazing.

Nov 012015

It’s the first of November and in the USA that is most closely associated with Thanksgiving.  I thought I’d get started early with the thank yous.  This last year has been a difficult one for reasons we won’t go into here.  I kind of neglected photography and this web site.  Despite that, we had a record year with close to half again more visits than any previous year.  Really not too big of a deal, but it means a lot to me.  So, again thank you all for stopping in and taking a look around.

I’m sharing a screen shot of the top ten countries that visited the site last year.  I think it’s pretty awesome that people from 63 countries stopped and took a look since January of this year.  One thing I notice early in the history of this site is the number of visits from Russia looking at Temple Square Christmas pictures.  I missed that last year and will definitely be making that a priority for this year.  If your in the area and want to join me let me know and I’ll try to make something work out so we can shoot together; anything after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Countries 2015

Oct 072015

I tried my hand at some more astrophotography during the lunar eclipse we had just over a week ago.  I’d seen some pictures of the moon in various stages of being eclipsed all in the same picture.  Well I started out good until I figured out that the moon was going to go behind some trees.  I was taking pictures every ten minutes, and had to move after three exposures.  Took a couple more and had to move again, because of the trees.  Long story short I’ve got a couple of strings of eclipse exposures and a few others when I was just playing around.

The eclipse was a lot of fun to watch and really quite wonderful.  Being out in the woods has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages.  There was absolutely no light pollution.  The evening was cool and otherwise very enjoyable.  The downside there were trees everywhere.

Aug 222015

My granddaughter likes to hula hoop.  She brought a hula hoop to the cabin.  The hoop is pretty cool it lights up and can be programmed to do different things.  I thought it would be fun to take a couple of long exposure shots of her.  These shots are about one second long ISO 1600 f5.6

Jun 132015

I’ll admit it’s been way too long since I posted here.  I decided last night that I really need to take care of getting something up here.  I notice that the moon set early, check my star chart app and headed out.  I ended up at the East Canyon Dam and Reservoir.  It’s a bit of a challenge getting set up in the dark, but it’s worth it.  Here’s some shots of the milky way last night.  The car traveling around the reservoir does some interesting things and I’m not sure where the light pollution on the lower right is coming from – SLC?  I really wanted to go up to Big Mountain and take shots toward Salt Lake, but the Milky Way was in the wrong place.  I’ll get that done some day – maybe.

Mar 092015

No I haven’t been to Colorado lately, but I was going through my photos and discovered some I’d never done anything with. This one for instant Taken in July of 2010. I was working on the Grand Junction VA and went up to the Colorado National Monument in the evening several times to take pictures. I know I’ve share others, but not this one.  This is a panorama made up of 2-5 shot HDR photos.

Colorado National Monument 01

Nov 302014

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving for everyone living in the US.  We spent the extended weekend with family in a remote area.  That’s right no cell phone service unless you held your mouth just right and then it was iffy.  I took my camera along and took a few pictures and I’ll share a few here.  I was trying to get some more milky way shots, but once again the moon was to bright and I didn’t want to stay up until it set so I could get the moonless sky so hope you like these anyway.  There was a good sunset one night and clouds all that night so no stars.  Then Friday we did a little four wheeling in the snow.

Oct 232014

Let’s continue up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We made a stop close to the top of the canyon.  Unfortunately, just as I had feared we were a little late to have a lot of color at this elevation, so from here down into Midway was mostly comments between my wife and I about how beautiful this must have been a few days or a week ago.  These first two panoramas are from an area toward the top of the canyon, but not quite to the ski areas.  The last one is of the area of the Sundance Resort area in the Alpine Loop.  This area is always gorgeous any time of year.  The sun was hard to deal with in this one so it’s not the best pic, but you get the idea.  The sun was in my face or into the lens in these pictures

Oct 152014

Last week was a bit of a warm up for the official Annual Fall Color Safari.  I went on the earlier trip because it’s been my experience that Columbus Day is actually a little late and I miss a lot of the fall color.  Fall color in the mountains is influenced by altitude, plant type and weather, so the fact that Columbus Day works every year is a bit of a miracle.  We got real ambitions this year and did a much longer drive than usual.  See the map below.  There’s a couple of hours of driving over some sketchy but drive-able mountain roads.  We left the house at about 2:00 pm started clicking the shutter about 2:30 and ended the safari in Alpine, Utah about 7:30 pm.  The route included Big Cottonwood Canyon, Guardian Pass, the lovely town of Midway, Provo Canyon and Alpine Loop.

I’m going to be a while processing all the 200+ photos, but I’m really excited about what I have so far.  This first one was taken in the Big Cottonwood Canyon just a few miles up the canyon.  The spot jumped out and said stop and take a lot of photos please, so I did.  This one is a five shot pan.  I was pretty disappointed that the sky was so clear and sunny.  I really like angry skies and more even light, but then again I like this one and the sun almost directly into the lens on the right.  That light make for an interesting light – almost a back light of the scene.

This might be the best picture of the 2014 Fall Color Safari.  Then again I haven’t even looked a lot of the pictures from this years safari.  More to come soon.  I’m thinking about doing another collection of pictures for computer backgrounds this year.  Let me know if your interested.  Also let me know what pictures you might like to see in the collection.