May 042013

Cove Fort is one of the many forts built by the Mormons in Utah.  I think it’s the only one that still exists.  They were used mostly for passing telegraph messages up and down Utah.  Telegraph systems could only send messages about 30 to 35 miles.  In order to have a message reach St. George from Salt Lake City it would have to be relayed.  Cove Fort was built and run by Gordon B Hinkleys grandfather.  We have friends serving in the visitor center here and stopped in to see them on our way back for Cedar City a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty interesting place – I would recommend stopping in there if your traveling through that area of Utah.  conveniently located close to the freeway close to where I-15 and I-70 meet.

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  1. Thank you Stonehockers for the GREAT pictures and the awesome visit!

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