Oct 152014

Last week was a bit of a warm up for the official Annual Fall Color Safari.  I went on the earlier trip because it’s been my experience that Columbus Day is actually a little late and I miss a lot of the fall color.  Fall color in the mountains is influenced by altitude, plant type and weather, so the fact that Columbus Day works every year is a bit of a miracle.  We got real ambitions this year and did a much longer drive than usual.  See the map below.  There’s a couple of hours of driving over some sketchy but drive-able mountain roads.  We left the house at about 2:00 pm started clicking the shutter about 2:30 and ended the safari in Alpine, Utah about 7:30 pm.  The route included Big Cottonwood Canyon, Guardian Pass, the lovely town of Midway, Provo Canyon and Alpine Loop.

I’m going to be a while processing all the 200+ photos, but I’m really excited about what I have so far.  This first one was taken in the Big Cottonwood Canyon just a few miles up the canyon.  The spot jumped out and said stop and take a lot of photos please, so I did.  This one is a five shot pan.  I was pretty disappointed that the sky was so clear and sunny.  I really like angry skies and more even light, but then again I like this one and the sun almost directly into the lens on the right.  That light make for an interesting light – almost a back light of the scene.

This might be the best picture of the 2014 Fall Color Safari.  Then again I haven’t even looked a lot of the pictures from this years safari.  More to come soon.  I’m thinking about doing another collection of pictures for computer backgrounds this year.  Let me know if your interested.  Also let me know what pictures you might like to see in the collection.

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