Jul 072014

Okay, so this really isn’t fireworks at all.  But it is work that takes a lot of fire.  This is from our trip to Williamsburg.  The pictures were actually taken in Jamestown.  There really was a glass maker in Jamestown!  This is a replica of the original glass blowing shop only this glass making is significantly advanced from the original.  One of the main differences is that this glass is made using gas for heat not wood.  Yes, can you imagine making glass by burning wood?!   I took a ton of pictures of the process and you can order items made by these artisans online.  The people that blow this glass go through a four year apprenticeship.  The guy shown here has been doing this for 14 years.  I sped my camera up to 3200 ISO to take these pictures.  I hope this slide show works for you.  Internet speed may be a problem.

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