Nov 062012

Since my tag line on the web site is “Seriously this is just for fun” I thought I’d have a little fun.  This is a celebration of the three year anniversary of my blogging as well.  My first post was November 11, 2009.  The only disclaimer I’ll make is that I don’t have any fancy lawyers or accountants involved in this so just enjoy it like I think it will be.  Here’s how it works:

Updated rules/instructions
  • Look through the web site and find your favorite picture.  Clicking on the picture will make the next two steps easier.
  • Share it with the world use the share icons that should be located just below the post
  • Most important, comment about the picture you like.  Look for something like this  No Responses » or this  2 Responses » in the upper right hand corner of post area.  Click on it and make a comment or you can also click on the photo (if you haven’t already) and scroll down until you find the comment area.

The picture that receives the most comments will be given to one of you that shared and comment on it.  I’ll let my wife do the picking on November 11th, so make you comments interesting or original or something.  I’ll print it at what ever size the winner wants up to 30″ in the longest direction.  It will be printed on paper and shipped to you at no cost to you.

One more disclaimer: It would cost me a fortune to send it to some of the places that view my site so the winner will be picked from the US and Canada.  Thanks to every one who visits and comment and share anyway.  Sorry about that.  I’m proud of the fact that I get views from lots of places.  Here’s a list from the last 30 days in order of the number of views:

United States FlagUnited States,Ecuador FlagEcuador. Argentina FlagArgentina, Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation, Honduras FlagHonduras, Spain FlagSpain, Italy FlagItaly, Chile FlagChile, Brazil FlagBrazil, India FlagIndia, Germany FlagGermany, and last Canada FlagCanada.

I don’t understand the Canada thing, I guess my friends from Canada don’t like to visit anymore – you know who you are.

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