Feb 182013

I visited The Leonardo this week end and took in the Mummy exhibit which was pretty interesting.  Photos of the mummies are not allowed so I didn’t take any.  The Hylozoic Veil in the main lobby captured my attention while we spent a bit of time in the lobby.  They do allow (I think) pictures to be taken of the veil.  Here it is.  The Leonardo website says “The Leonardo hosts the first U.S. installation of Philip Beesley’s Hylozoic series. Not just an art installation, Hylozoic Veil is an immersive, evolving environment that responds to your presence.”  By the way Philip Beesley is an architect.  These pictures were taken with my Galaxy S III phone so I don’t have any meta data.  I need to figure that out – cause I’d like to know.

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