Jun 122014

Our visit to Jamestown was interesting and fun.  I didn’t realize that the Jamestown site was only found 20 years ago and it is still an active archaeological site.  One of the down sides of visiting Jamestown is that there are three different entities controlling different areas of the site and they all what there pound of flesh to visit their part of the site.  We chose to visit the area controlled by the State of Virginia where all of the recreated Jamestown stuff is.  The recreated area includes a very nice museum, a recreation of an Indian village and a recreation of the town site.  The photos give you an idea of how small the ships were that were used to cross the Atlantic.   They also show how basic everything from the church to the armory to the governors residence was.  I really like the trusses in the church.  I’ve always been a fan of heavy timber construction.


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