Oct 142011

I had a day off this week and got bored around the house and decided that when my wife got home from work we needed to go for a ride and find some fall color.  Here’s a taste of what we found.  The fall colors weren’t full on, but I like the pictures anyway.  The photo above was spotted by my wife, she’s getting a good eye!  For those of you on Facebook my wife kept you up to date on our adventure as we ended up in Evanston, Wyoming for dinner.  This is a 15 picture (3 frames x 5 exposures) HDR panorama.  The picture below is down the street a few miles and is also a 15 picture HDR pan.

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  2. Okay, This is my pick. It took me forever because your pictures are all so amazing, but this is it! IT looks so serene and gentle and inviting.

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