Aug 092017

Why is it that when I’m at the cabin the moose are across the river and when anyone else is there they come knock on the door.  Trust me my little Canon is nothing to be afraid of.  That said here’s a couple of wildlife photos.

Seems like when we go into Yellowstone there’s always a big slow down usually for Bison or Elk or Deer.  This year both Elk and Bison.  Interesting story about a car full in foreigners

and the Bison, but will leave that for another time.  We actually pulled over to go check out the Elk because there were three moms and four baby’s.  You don’t see the baby’s everyday.  They were all lounging in the grass, but moms definitely at attention.

Aug 222015

My granddaughter likes to hula hoop.  She brought a hula hoop to the cabin.  The hoop is pretty cool it lights up and can be programmed to do different things.  I thought it would be fun to take a couple of long exposure shots of her.  These shots are about one second long ISO 1600 f5.6

Aug 192015

Part two of this years wild flowers from Island Park.  Everything from fungus to berries – I’m not sure what was different this year but considering calendar time wise we were at the cabin almost exactly this time last year things were different somehow.  The mushroom and berries and flowers were not the same or maybe I was just looking for things with a little different eyes.  These again were all taken with my 100 mm macro lens.

Aug 082015

Part one of this years family trip to Island Park is a few wildflowers.  I used my 100mm macro lens and shot a variety of flowers and of course huckleberries.  I think the huckleberry is one of my favorite pictures.  There were a number of leave framing the berry and they were closer to the camera so they are way out of focus and lend a kind on misty effect around the berry.  It was real rainy this year so we didn’t get much picking done this year, but we really enjoyed what we did.  I also like the Indian Paint Brush painting the under side of the leaf above.

Aug 212014

I wanted to save this post till last because I think it’s the most awesome, but my better half can’t wait so here it is.  I’ve called this Starry, Starry Night for obvious reasons.  I started doing research on how to do this kind of a shot a couple of months ago.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this and my new gear was a big step in getting me there.  When we first got to the cabin there was a full moon which completely wiped out any chance of getting a good star picture, let alone a milky way shot.  I was out at somewhere between 10 pm and midnight every night we were at the cabin anyway shooting away.  I finally got good conditions the last night there.  The moon came up late and allowed me to finally get the shot I’d been looking for.  I’ve posted pictures of shots from various nights along with the best results.  These picture were all taken on Henry’s Fork of the Snake where the cabin is.  The most successful pictures were shot with the lens and camera set at 18 mm, ISO 3200, f3.5 for 25 seconds.  I didn’t do any processing of shots other than the first two.


Jun 162014

I don’t know what it is about the cabin, but it seems like every sunset is awesome or at least better than sunsets almost everywhere else.  I went up to the cabin over the Memorial Day week end with a couple of my brothers to open the cabin.  Here are a couple of samples for your enjoyment.  These were all done handheld ISO 400.

Aug 242013

I didn’t take many pictures of flowers at the cabin this last trip, but I did find a couple of flowers I don’t think I’d taken pictures of before.  Here they are.  I found them down by the river so I assume they are wetland type flowers and they were pretty small the pink one wasn’t much bigger then the width of a piece of grass.




Jul 152013

It been three years and 11 months since I did my first HDR panorama of Henry’s Fork at Sunset.  I’m not sure why I felt like I should do another one, but here it is.  I shot this while I was at the cabin this last week end.  This is 25 exposures which produced 5 HDR picture which were stitch together to make this HDR panorama.  I you look carefully on the left side of the picture you’ll see a white line in the sky, it’s the moon!Henrys Pan 01

Jun 212013

No visit to the cabin is complete with out doing some macro photography of the flora.  Here is a collection of this years.  It’s pretty amazing how every year there’s something different about the flowers.  For example this year there were flowers that looked like the flowers from last year but they were yellow instead of white or there is a clump of flowers that hasn’t been in this area at all.  The weather was real cool and rainy while we were there so the bugs weren’t bad, and we got a couple of pics with rain drops.  There’s even an unused bird’s nest and baby pine cones.

Jun 182013

Here’s another sunset from last week ends visit to Island Park.  After taking a lot of pictures over the course of the day and after a nice walk with my sister I was sitting at the computer looking over what I had to work with.  My sister exclaimed with some delight that we needed to take a look at the sun set just out side right now!  Well, I looked, grabbed my camera and tripod and just about missed the whole thing.  We only had time to run out in the back yard of the cabin and snap a view pictures.  These are HDRs.  I was so excited trying to get setup and shoot before the sunset completely disappeared that I had trouble getting the shots I needed.  Then just as I was shooting the last part of the longer pan my camera battery went dead!  Well, I hope you like what I did get.