Jul 072012

Spent some time on the west coast and just could help taking pictures walking along the beach.  I took lots of this kind of shots, just held the shutter release down and let the exposure pile up.  Maybe I should put some together in an avi file.

Jun 192012

Want to spend an afternoon or more learning about and gaining an appreciation for our sailors?  Take the tour of the Midway.  I thought it was awesome.  I went mainly to take pictures of airplanes.  I think I know where my grandson gets his fascination with airplanes.  Hand held (obviously) 1/4 sec f8 ISO 200

May 212011

Weather in Sacramento was miserable last week, but it got nice just in time to leave town.  So here’s the first church build in Sacramento in the nice California sun.

May 202011
After                                                                                                 Before











In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been traveling a bit lately.  Good news is I’m home for a while.  I took some quick shots of the first church built in Sacramento while I was there this week.  I thought I’d share where these started and where they ended up after a trip through Photomatics and Photoshop.  The exposure times on these photos was between .5 and 1 second and was handheld so I apologize that there not great shots.  I turned the ISO up to 400 so they are a little noisy too.  One of these days I’ve got to figure out how to travel with my tripod.  The f stop on all of these was f8.  If I’d had my tripod I’d have gone to f22 or f36 to make sure I was in focus for the entire depth of the photo and left my ISO at 100.  That means these exposures would have been several seconds and significantly better.