Oct 272014

This will be the last of the posting for this years Fall Color Safari.  These pictures were all taken around Timpanogos Cave National Monument.  The area is absolutely beautiful and the fall color would have been even better if we’d been there a few days earlier.

The first picture is of and old and apparently abandoned bridge and steps that I found interesting.  The picture of the aspen trunk illustrates just how easy it is to scar the bark.  Then there are several panoramas of the area.  It was getting pretty dark at this point in the trip.

Oct 182014

Here are some more fall color panoramas from Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The one labeled Big Cottonwood is in the same area as the pan I posted earlier.  The other two are of a little rapid up stream a couple of miles.  The pans taken at the rapids were taken handheld because there wasn’t any place to set up a tripod.  The Close picture was taken while laying on the rocks at the edge of the river.  Both upper pans are three picture each and the other is five pics.


Oct 132014

This is probably the end of what I shot earlier this month.  Today Janis and I are headed out for the annual fall color shoot.  It’s our objective to do new places every year and I don’t think we’ll run out of places to shoot fall color any time soon.  We will head up Big Cottonwood and then back down the Alpine Loop.  Should be awesome.  I’m always a little afraid of being late, so well see.

These pictures were taken on my way back down from Powder.  This little creek was a bit of a struggle to get down to, but worth the effort.  The Ogden Divide is the road from Liberty, UT down into North Ogden.  This shot was taken close to the top where there was a little turn out on the road and lots of Scrub Oak brush in the foreground.  Unfortunately the scrub Oak hadn’t done it’s brilliant red thing yet.  Down at the bottom is North Ogden.

Sep 232014

We went back up to Island Park last week and had a blast.  Here are a couple of shots from our visit.  After years away we’ve gotten back into going up to Sawtelle Peak.  It’s right around 10,000 ft.  I took some shots of flowers and other things up there earlier this summer.  I’m fascinated with what happens to the trees when you get up close to the top.  There’s a line called the tree line of any mountain.  Above a certain elevation trees no longer grow.  There’s any area close to the tree line where the trees struggle.  I took a few pictures and I’ll share one here.

We also went for a little 40 mile ATV ride along the Continental Divide and surrounding area in Montana.  There was an interesting series of beaver dams on the South Fork of the Madison River.

Lastly but not least is getting to start nice fires to warm up the cabin in the morning.  Low temps were in the 30’s and highs about 70.  Beautiful weather.

Oct 162013

So…It occurred to me while I was taking time to process my photos that it would be fun to do the Fall Color Safari with a bunch of people.  My wife and I have done it for three years and after tromping around the mountain we have a nice little dinner at some place in the area.  It’s really been fun.  If your interested in going with us next year post a reply here and let’s see what we can put together.  Up until now we’ve done the safari on Columbus Day.  This year that Columbus day seemed a little late, but it’s always been pretty close for good fall (especially aspen) color.  The red from the oak brush is pretty much gone, but there still a little.  We can play that by ear as next October rolls around.

So this years safari ended up with about 15 panoramas all HDR and all in the same area.  I don’t know if I’ll post all of them, but here’s a sampling.  This year instead of driving until I found something interesting I parked the car and hiked around the area.  This was a new area to me.  My son and I road our bike through here several times this summer and I decided it would be good for fall color.  This is on old snow basin road at the trail head where the road is closed.

Oct 232012

Here’s one more panorama from the safari.  This one is taken across the road from the previous posts.  15 shot HDR, shutter speeds from 1/20th to 1 second at f13, 18mm ISO 400.

Oct 192012


How about another fall safari shot. This one is a 10 shot HDR pan.  I did two pans of this building.  I’m fascinated by decaying building and it’s fairly obvious other people are interested in this one.  I would bet by looking at the props and paths through all the weeds that photographers use this all the time for photo shots.

Oct 172012


OK, this is the same deer striking a little different pose for me.  She really was fun.  300mm, 1/125th second, f9.5 ISO 400 on a tripod.  The exposure is better on this picture than the last one I posted.  The last shot I posted is a little over exposed – which I should have fixed before I posted.

Oct 152012


Did I mention we say a fair amount of wild life on our safari?  Here’s an example:  A white tailed deer shot with my 300mm lens.  This one was pretty brave and kept walking toward me.  If it had been a bear I’d have been a little nervous.  Taken at 300mm 1/90th second f9.5 ISO 400.  The camera was mounted on a tripod.

Oct 102012


Let’s do something a little different today.  Here’s a 20 shot HDR Panorama.  Not different so far.  How about leaving out some of the picture in between the pictures so its a panorama but four individual pictures.  And no the way I shot this I can’t make it a single panorama.  I did shot it again with everything so I can make it a single pan.  Anyway this is kind of fun.  So here’s the stats.  Five exposures of each picture at 1/60th and 1/4 second at f13 ISO 400 55mm on my 16-55mm lens.