Sep 222016

Twice into Yellowstone is unusual, but when you have a lifetime pass…why not?  I really wanted to get over to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone again.  We found a really awesome picture of Janis and Chris there taken in about 1980 and I just wanted to go again.  Janis and I had a great time and saw some wild life, found parking easily everywhere we went and we had awesome angry sky and it all worked out to a nearly perfect day.  I’ve got shots of the Upper and Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River and then on the way back we did one of those one way side trips and visited the Virginia Cascade on Gibbons River.

Three picts of the Yellowstone:

Three of the Virginia Cascade on the Gibbons River:

Mar 232014

When I’m in a new place I like to explore and see what there is that’s interesting about the area I’m visiting.  My trip to Hanover, NH was no different that a lot of trips I do.  I had to go for work, so instead of spending a lot of time in a hotel room or some other establishment, I explored.  I am going to start by sharing the pictures I took of the Simon Pierce Restaurant and gallery and studio.  Unfortunately it was later in the day so the studio was closed.  The restaurant by the way is outstanding!  Hope you like these pics.  There were obviously taken late in the day, which makes taking pictures into and out of or as a back light a little easier.

Dec 312011

I went to Portland Oregon for Christmas and didn’t get a lot of time to photo safari, but we made one trip to Multnomah Falls.  This is a 15 shot vertical HDR Panorama.  I’ve only had time to process three of the shots from that day I think this is my favorite so far.

Jul 282011

We just got back from the cabin where I shot something like 600+ photos.  I’ll share a couple of my favorites here.  I’ve been processing for hours now and I think this is my favorite so far.  This is Mesa Falls (I’ve posted it before).  It’s an HDR panorama (my first HDR pan of the falls) 15 total exposures. 3 frames x 5 exposures.  18 mm, f22 ISO 100 slow enough shutter speeds so that the water starts to turn silky.

Jun 032011

Here’s the last of the Shoshone Falls panoramas.  I way over did the HDR (on purpose of course).  The panorama is made up of only 20 pictures (4 pan frames x 5 exposures each) and is only 277 Mb.  I think it’s the best of the three panoramas of the falls.  By the way the little building on the left at the bottom of the falls is the power plant.

Jun 022011

When I was shooting Shoshone Falls I took three panoramas from three different places.  I finally got around to doing number two.  This one is a bit more painterly or more heavily processed.

Nov 222010

Mystic Falls is a beautiful little falls an easy hike from Black Sand Basin.  It had been years since I was there.  A year ago my family and I visited again.  Great stuff.  If I remember correctly the last time we hiked in there my oldest son was in a stroller.  This is a one shot HDR hand held. 

My profile picture found on this page was taken while I was taking this picture.