Aug 242016

I’ve been taking pictures of the wild flowers around the cabin for years.  Last year I saw one that I hadn’t seen before but before I had a chance to check it out it had disappeared.  This year we were up a at the cabin a little earlier than usual (the end of July) and there were Sego Lilies everywhere.  So I grabbed a ton of pictures.  These were in and around our favorite huckleberry picking spot.  The variation in color from one flower to the next we pretty interesting and the colors on the pedals seemed to be painted on.  Enjoy.  By the way the Sego Lily or Calochortus nuttallii is the Utah State flower and is native to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico.  I feel really smart now.

Aug 182014

It’s been a while since I posted, so first let me apologize for that.  I hope that the next few days posts make up for my absence.  I think I’ve got some good pictures here and I’m really exited about some of the posts I have coming up.  If you want more detail on how I took any of these let me know and I’ll share the details about how I took them and/or what post processing I did.

Here’s a collection of photos taken from our trip to Island Park this summer.  These were all taken with my 100mm macro lens, which I really like.  I found the mushrooms growing under the huckleberrys where we were picking.   The white flowers, little pink and tiny yellow were all taken on top of Mount Sawtelle at about 11,000 ft.  I hope you’ll take the time to click on each picture in this gallery and really look at the detail and color of these beautiful plants.


Jun 212013

No visit to the cabin is complete with out doing some macro photography of the flora.  Here is a collection of this years.  It’s pretty amazing how every year there’s something different about the flowers.  For example this year there were flowers that looked like the flowers from last year but they were yellow instead of white or there is a clump of flowers that hasn’t been in this area at all.  The weather was real cool and rainy while we were there so the bugs weren’t bad, and we got a couple of pics with rain drops.  There’s even an unused bird’s nest and baby pine cones.

Oct 022012

Earlier I compared a couple of flowers I had been taking pictures of over the course of the summer.  When I went back in September there was nothing but dried remnants that weren’t worth taking pictures of.  OK, maybe somebody with more vision than I have could have made something from it…but I didn’t want to work that hard.  Anyway, here’s one that we pretty much dried up but still looked like something so I thought I’d show it’s progress through the summer.  The first picture taken in early July, second early August and third mid September.

Septembers picture was taken at ISO 400, 1/20th second, f 6.7 with my 50mm macro lens.

Sep 062012

Again with flowers from Island Park this summer.  This one is one of my favorites from this summer.  shutter: 125, f13 ISO 400.  Taken with my 50mm macro lens.

Aug 232012

Here’s a couple of different pictures from the same group of flowers.  I don’t know what is was about the flowers this year.  It’s been really dry so I didn’t expect much, but they were pretty amazing.  Both pictures were taken at 1/30th of a second f13 ISO 400.  I used my 50mm macro lens for both.

Aug 162012

When I was at the cabin about a month ago for a little work party I took time to get pictures of a few flowers.  When I went back a week ago I found those same flowers looked a bit different.  I thought I’d post the shots so you could compare.

Apr 022012

It’s been a while since I posted so I decided I had to do something so I went out in the front yard and took a couple of pictures of the flower plumb.  I didn’t do any editing to this at all.  I took them with my 50 mm macro lens 1/90 second at f11 ISO 200