Oct 062017

Been hanging out at the cabin all week keeping it warm until my siblings come up so we can close it.  It was quite a sacrifice, but I was glad to do it.  Night temperatures were in the upper 20s and I was lucky to see 50 during the day.  I think that happened once.  Seen moose and fox and other little critters, snow, rain and sun.  Sorry no pics.  Anyway because of the cold pretty much every morning we have water vapor rising off the river.  It looked kind of like this picture, but better in person.  The camera as good as it is just doesn’t get it all.  (Could be the photographer).  This is a six shot pan of the whole river visible from the cabin.

Sep 292016

I don’t drink coffee, but I do like a good hike to Coffee Pot Rapids.  These shot document the hike from Coffee Pot Camp Ground down to the rapids and back.  It’s not an especially strenuous hike it’s take a bit less than an hour to hike in and then another hour back.  I’d say it’s worth the effort.

Sep 162016

As far as chronology goes this is out of order, but I don’t think you’ll care.  So I’ll just say we went to Breckenridge, Colorado a couple of weeks ago to start an extended fall color tour.  Well we were too early.  There was a very little color.  If I get around to it I’ll share those later.  Last week we went to Island Park like we’ve been doing the last couple of Septembers and it was awesome.  Last year we were too late so we scheduled an earlier slot this year.  Again not a lot a color when we got there.  After a couple of pretty cool days and some time fishing while it was snowing, the fall color was coming on.  What I’m sharing here are pictures I took the last day we were there and the area these are taken in is a rather small isolated area.

The area was pretty diverse.  We’ve got a panorama of a pond in sunlight and everything else in shade from the clouds.  These pictures were taken about 6:30 pm so a half an hour before sunset.  I love what I call an angry sky and there’s a good one in these shots.  Other shots are all individual exposures.  I usually shoot fall color with a aperture of f8 or so.  The individual tree with the blurred background was taken with 100mm lens opened up to f2.8.


Jun 292016

A few more flower shots to finsh up the latest from Island Park.  Again these were all shot with my Canon and a 100mm Macro Lens


Jun 152016

I went to Island Park last week end to help roof the cabin.  I had a chance to take a few pics.  I’ll have to admit that I made an error in shooting.  I had my ISO set real high trying to shot the moose in low light conditions a couple of weeks ago.  Well I didn’t remember to look so all of these were shot at that same ISO which means that there not as good as they could be.

There was an unbelievable amount of pollen blowing out of the pine trees and it was everywhere.  Something interesting happened in one of the pictures below you’ll see what looks like a heart shaped crystal with a little spot of pollen in it.  I don’t know how that happens, but it sure makes for a great photo.  I’ve also pictured the pine pollen, you can see it covering all of the spider webs.

I’ve also included forget me nots and a pretty yellow flower my wife really likes.  Enjoy!


Jun 092016

As I mentioned in an earlier post.  When we opened the cabin this year the grass and flowers were just starting to grow and bloom.  Everyday there were new flowers.  Here are a few.  Enjoy.

Jun 032016

Every other year it’s my families turn to open the cabin for the season.  This year was our turn.  I would venture to guess that the snow hadn’t been gone long because the grass and flowers were just getting started.  We go up again next week to re-roof.  That should be fun.  Point is there’s always a price to pay to have the luxury of having a place to hang out that has the beauty of this place.

I have some shots that I really like.  I’m not sure where to start so I’ll start with the a standard sunset.  The sun was setting and this shot was taken looking south – not west toward the sun.  Light does interesting things.


Apr 272016

I was in Boise this week end to celebrate a birthday and while I was there I stopped to check in with my mom.  Her yard is always spectacular.  So with Camera in tow I grabbed all kinds of photos of the flowers in the yard.  I was already to late for some of them, but obviously just the right time for these.  Hope you like them as much as I did.


Oct 172015

Fall Color this year is different than the last couple of years.  I got some great pictures of fall as my sister Marcie and I paddled down Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, the very last day of September.  There wasn’t another person any where!  It was awesome as we practiced our silent paddling down the river trying not to disturb anything that might be in, on or close to the river.  We were rewarded for our efforts and I’ll share those shortly.  Today I’m just going to share a couple of shots of the river which includes a couple of panoramas.  I was a little nervous taking my camera down the river in a canoe, but all went well, as you can see.  The panoramas were done hand held.  For some strange reason I didn’t take my tripod.  Oh, yea I remember!  How’s a tripod going to work in a canoe?

Sep 102015

This is really The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Part III, but it’s also the day Janis and I got to fly!  Big day for me and Janis both.  A special thanks to the Spencer’s and Spirit of Boise, our Pilot Tom, and all that made this possible.  Yes, Hot Air Balloons are aircraft and you have to have a pilots licence to fly one.  The FAA watches everything that goes on at these events.  But I digress.  What a beautiful day, nice and chilly and very light winds, perfect for ballooning.  We met our pilot Tom and his wife at the pilots briefing, went through check in and got ready (briefed) by our pilot what was expected of  us.  I think we were unofficial co-pilots; watch for power poles and lines, light poles, watch for balloon ascending from below – they have the right of way.  I thought this was all pretty interesting.  So when do we fly I wonder?  I really want to do this thing.  After a few minutes the balloon is fully inflated and then the pilot started to heat the air by firing the burner.  This is all a little tricky and a bit of an art.  The balloon slowly rotates from it’s horizontal position to the vertical one and the pilot gets in the basket as it turns upright.  Everyone in the crew is holding the balloon down and the pilot invites us to get into the basket with him.  He warns us that we can’t get out until he tells us we can; we are now ballast.  An all clear from the FAA folks and a couple of blasts from the burner and we’re off watching out for the other balloons taking off.  I really had never noticed the difference in how these pilots do this.  Some of the pilots rose very quickly, others seem to take their time.  It was very fun to watch from this new perspective.  At any rate one of the challenges for the pilots was to drop something from the balloon onto a target “X” in a field some distance from where we took off.   We maneuvered over the X and the pilot dropped his marker.  We were somewhere around 3,000 to 4,000 feet and I thought we were golden.  The closer the marker got the earth however the more obvious it became we weren’t really that close.  I remember dropping clothes pins into a bottle as a kid.  This was way different.

This was really a great experience and one I won’t soon forget.  Thanks again to all my new ballooning friends!

PS Glad they left the gate of the Pioneer Cemetery open for us.