Sep 092015


This is one of my favorite pictures from the Balloon event.  Maybe it’s because the event was held on the Labor Day weekend, because I work on Hill AFB and rub shoulders every day with men and women that serve our country – I just have felt a bit more patriotic lately.  The stars and stripes floating across the sky held me for a minute.  Then again the sky, the vibrant colors of the balloon, it all seems to work together.

I shot this at 1/320 of a second, f9 ISO 800, 71mm on my 18-135 mm lens

Stars and Stripes







Oct 092014

I promised a friend that I would post a few close shots of aspens.  Well, here’s what I captured the other day.  One of these is also a pan, but closer than the over all pans I posted earlier.  This was my first time up to Powder Mountain.  Powder as it’s known by locals is not one of the most popular ski areas, but if your into lots of interesting terrain it’s one of the better resorts.  I took these shots hand held and as a result there were a lot that didn’t turn out.  Lesson learned – better to set up the tripod than to get home and not have much.  Because these shoots where done near sunset there really wasn’t very much light and even though I had the ISO turned up 400, the shutter was 1/30th at of a second at f8 – usually not a problem, except that is was cold at 8,100 ft with no sun.

Sep 082014

I have a succulent (sorry I can’t remember the name) in my backyard that flowers every year about this time.  Every time it flowers I have lots of visitors so I thought I would take pics of some of them this year.  I had to warn the grand kids to let the bees have the flowers so they could make some yummy honey.  I wonder what the honey made from this pollen tastes like.  These were all taken with my 100mm macro lens so I wasn’t really that close.  ISO 200, shutter 1/640th second f7.1

Aug 212014

I wanted to save this post till last because I think it’s the most awesome, but my better half can’t wait so here it is.  I’ve called this Starry, Starry Night for obvious reasons.  I started doing research on how to do this kind of a shot a couple of months ago.  I’ve always wanted to do something like this and my new gear was a big step in getting me there.  When we first got to the cabin there was a full moon which completely wiped out any chance of getting a good star picture, let alone a milky way shot.  I was out at somewhere between 10 pm and midnight every night we were at the cabin anyway shooting away.  I finally got good conditions the last night there.  The moon came up late and allowed me to finally get the shot I’d been looking for.  I’ve posted pictures of shots from various nights along with the best results.  These picture were all taken on Henry’s Fork of the Snake where the cabin is.  The most successful pictures were shot with the lens and camera set at 18 mm, ISO 3200, f3.5 for 25 seconds.  I didn’t do any processing of shots other than the first two.


Jul 072014

Okay, so this really isn’t fireworks at all.  But it is work that takes a lot of fire.  This is from our trip to Williamsburg.  The pictures were actually taken in Jamestown.  There really was a glass maker in Jamestown!  This is a replica of the original glass blowing shop only this glass making is significantly advanced from the original.  One of the main differences is that this glass is made using gas for heat not wood.  Yes, can you imagine making glass by burning wood?!   I took a ton of pictures of the process and you can order items made by these artisans online.  The people that blow this glass go through a four year apprenticeship.  The guy shown here has been doing this for 14 years.  I sped my camera up to 3200 ISO to take these pictures.  I hope this slide show works for you.  Internet speed may be a problem.

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Jul 052014

So I was out in the neighborhood last night shooting fireworks. Well, since it was the neighborhood and not a big fireworks show I didn’t get any pictures that really rocked my world. There are some big fireworks shows later in the summer and maybe I’ll try again. Anyway, we have some Daylilies in our yard that are pretty awesome so I thought I would share them. These where taken with a 100mm macro lens f8 for 1/8 second handheld. ISO 400.  The yellow daylilies where being watered by the sprinkler – kind of a neat effect.

Jun 282014

The Air Force Thunderbird group is in town this week end for the bi-annual air show at Hill.  I love this stuff so I just could resist snapping a few pictures.  Bare in mind that because  I changed cameras my longest lens in only 135 mm.  So all of these pics were shot at 135mm.  I shot these all a 400 ISO and f5.6 so I could get a nice face shutter speed for these pics shutter is in the range of 1/6400 to 1/8000th second.  Yea, that’s fast!  I probably could have reduced the ISO a little and increase picture quality a bit.  I really like the shot where you can read the USAF on top of the wings.  I’ll have to admit having a dramatic sky for a background really makes a difference.

There were also a number of other flying demonstration including the group I’ve included here.  The most amazing one was the Red Bull stunt pilot.  I didn’t take any pictures of that for a couple of reasons.  First there was not way to really capture what he was doing and I could stop watching.   He was amazing!

Jun 162014

I don’t know what it is about the cabin, but it seems like every sunset is awesome or at least better than sunsets almost everywhere else.  I went up to the cabin over the Memorial Day week end with a couple of my brothers to open the cabin.  Here are a couple of samples for your enjoyment.  These were all done handheld ISO 400.

Jun 022014

It’s been way too long since I posted.  So I’ll do several posts over the next few days of photos I took as a part of our family vacation.  The pictures I’m sharing here were taken on our last evening in Williamsburg.  Every evening they do a little reenactment of events of the revolutionary war.  They march down the green and fire their muskets three times and then fire the canon a couple of times.  The whole thing starts off with a visit by General Lafayette on his horse and of course a fife and drum corps.  Pretty fun to watch.

The canon was shot at ISO 400, 1/400th second, f5.6, 135mm.  The muskets ISo 400, 1/200th second, f5.6, 135mm.

Apr 082014

As we were leaving the covered bridge (featured in an earlier post) I saw what looked like a very interesting building off to the left and in the opposite direction we needed to go.  Having little else to do I turned the car in that direction and found this fun building.   Turns out it was the American Precision Museum where precision tools and tool making were invented.  Unfortunately the museum wasn’t open.  Apparently along with the machine displays there are a lot of civil war displays.  This is probably the most interesting find of my trip.  Too bad I didn’t get to back and see it!

The falls picture was taken with a shutter speed of 1/5 second to get the silky water effect.  Here’s the other info for that pic: f22, ISO 200, 35mm.


Dam and Falls