Sep 162016

As far as chronology goes this is out of order, but I don’t think you’ll care.  So I’ll just say we went to Breckenridge, Colorado a couple of weeks ago to start an extended fall color tour.  Well we were too early.  There was a very little color.  If I get around to it I’ll share those later.  Last week we went to Island Park like we’ve been doing the last couple of Septembers and it was awesome.  Last year we were too late so we scheduled an earlier slot this year.  Again not a lot a color when we got there.  After a couple of pretty cool days and some time fishing while it was snowing, the fall color was coming on.  What I’m sharing here are pictures I took the last day we were there and the area these are taken in is a rather small isolated area.

The area was pretty diverse.  We’ve got a panorama of a pond in sunlight and everything else in shade from the clouds.  These pictures were taken about 6:30 pm so a half an hour before sunset.  I love what I call an angry sky and there’s a good one in these shots.  Other shots are all individual exposures.  I usually shoot fall color with a aperture of f8 or so.  The individual tree with the blurred background was taken with 100mm lens opened up to f2.8.


Aug 012016

Before I post pictures of Island Park vacation pics I thought I’d share one from our week in Newport Coast.  I’m not sure why I didn’t take a lot of pics in CA, but this sunset panorama taken from the balcony of the room we stayed in says a lot.  This is three pictures edited and stitch together in Lightroom.  The more I learn about Lightroom the happier I’m am with it.  Enjoy!


Mar 092015

No I haven’t been to Colorado lately, but I was going through my photos and discovered some I’d never done anything with. This one for instant Taken in July of 2010. I was working on the Grand Junction VA and went up to the Colorado National Monument in the evening several times to take pictures. I know I’ve share others, but not this one.  This is a panorama made up of 2-5 shot HDR photos.

Colorado National Monument 01

Oct 082014

This is Powder Mountain.

I’ve redone my first panorama and added a panorama from my first fall color shoot.  Here’s the second pan done with the tripod set up in the same location as the first shoot.  Actually I did 360 degrees from the same spot and put these pans together from most of those shoots.  These pans are about seven shoot each.  This one is right next to the pan shown below.


10 14-Fall Color 01-009-Edit-Edit



This is the redone photo.  You can see that a little difference in the work flow can make a difference.  I’m always trying new ways of doing this stuff.  For example you can barely see the moon in this one.

10 14-Fall Color 01-001-Edit





Jun 142014

There’s a drive you can do around the Jamestown area.  These trees growing in the water struck me as unusual especially the trunks, so I stopped and shot this panorama of them.

Tree Pan

Feb 252014

Between Wendell and Jerome there’s a farm with two groves of trees on it.  I really like the one that’s closer to the freeway, but discovered that it’s pretty much inaccessible.  So I got these pictures from the other grove.  A number of the trees in this grove have been harvested so it’s maybe not I was looking for exactly.  I think you get the idea however.  I didn’t notice until I got up close that all the trees bend like they were influenced by the prevailing wind.  I’ve done a 90 degree pan and a couple of other shots.  Hope you like them.

Feb 192014

This interesting little geologic feature is nearly impossible to see as you drive over it on the freeway.  I’ve stopped here a couple of times – literally.  This is the second time.  The last time was on a trip with the whole family.  That’s been a while.  The one shot is a three shot panorama – hand held.  The falls is actually under the bridge because you can’t see it unless you take a hike down the gorge.

Oct 312013

I was watching a YouTube video about Photoshop and got inspired to try something a little different.  Basically I duplicated my base layer and turned it into a line drawing then blended to the two layers.  I use a Topaz plugin and here’s a link to the video that inspired me.

Fall Color Pan 11-draw

Oct 162013

So…It occurred to me while I was taking time to process my photos that it would be fun to do the Fall Color Safari with a bunch of people.  My wife and I have done it for three years and after tromping around the mountain we have a nice little dinner at some place in the area.  It’s really been fun.  If your interested in going with us next year post a reply here and let’s see what we can put together.  Up until now we’ve done the safari on Columbus Day.  This year that Columbus day seemed a little late, but it’s always been pretty close for good fall (especially aspen) color.  The red from the oak brush is pretty much gone, but there still a little.  We can play that by ear as next October rolls around.

So this years safari ended up with about 15 panoramas all HDR and all in the same area.  I don’t know if I’ll post all of them, but here’s a sampling.  This year instead of driving until I found something interesting I parked the car and hiked around the area.  This was a new area to me.  My son and I road our bike through here several times this summer and I decided it would be good for fall color.  This is on old snow basin road at the trail head where the road is closed.

Jun 182013

Here’s another sunset from last week ends visit to Island Park.  After taking a lot of pictures over the course of the day and after a nice walk with my sister I was sitting at the computer looking over what I had to work with.  My sister exclaimed with some delight that we needed to take a look at the sun set just out side right now!  Well, I looked, grabbed my camera and tripod and just about missed the whole thing.  We only had time to run out in the back yard of the cabin and snap a view pictures.  These are HDRs.  I was so excited trying to get setup and shoot before the sunset completely disappeared that I had trouble getting the shots I needed.  Then just as I was shooting the last part of the longer pan my camera battery went dead!  Well, I hope you like what I did get.