Apr 072017

It’s been way too long.  I had a chance to be on the Salt Lake Temple Square this evening.  Had a couple of minutes and my camera so I snapped a few photos.  It wasn’t the best conditions for photos – just an ugly gray sky and lots of wind, but that’s alright this is fun.  My niece did a piano concert in the Assembly Hall.  She’s amazing.  Anyway the shots I’m sharing here are the two pianos used in the concert, looking through the window into the Tabernacle while someone practices the organ and the only healthy looking blossom on a bush I walked past.

Apr 222013

My niece just graduated from SUU in piano performance.  We went down to Cedar City to participate in the festivities which included a recital where a Steinway got a real work out.  This is the combination of two pictures.  One of the piano the other of the performer.  Conditions weren’t very good for taking picture.  There wasn’t’ much light, things (especially fingers) were moving very quickly and I didn’t want to make a bunch of noise with my camera while she was performing.  I’m glad I got what I did – they closed up the pianos immediately after the performance.  I though I’d have a chance to take some posed pics.

The piano

Gershwin with the prof.