May 072017

I’ve always Salt Lake was pretty cool.  I don’t get there very often these day so recently when I was there with my camera I thought I would grab a couple of pics.  I wound up with three that had reflections in them so I thought I would share.  One is in the Brigham Young park of the water wheel and pond there.  On other popular pic of the temple in the reflecting pool.  The last of City Creek.  Enjoy.

Dec 112015

The weather was really mild a couple of days ago when I went to shoot Christmas lights at Temple Square.  Good news is I didn’t freeze, bad news is everyone and all their brothers and sisters were there.  We took my daughter and a couple of grand kids which was fun.  I’ll share a couple of picture now and try to get more Christmas pictures later.

Feb 052014

Here’s another building with a lot of history.  Go here to read the history.  Unlike the last building I posted this one is still serving in something at least related to it’s original intent.  This photo was shot at ISO 2000,  29 mm, 1/25th second at f 6.3.  Handheld.  Again I amazed that this Canon can shoot these high ISO photos with little or no noise (noise is little areas of incorrectly exposed dots all over the photo).  Very little post processing done to this picture.  By the way the clock out front also has some interesting history.

Zions Bank

Dec 252013

Merry Christmas everyone.  Here’s a little something to help keep things in perspective as we get into Christmas Day full steam.The Reason

May 042013

Cove Fort is one of the many forts built by the Mormons in Utah.  I think it’s the only one that still exists.  They were used mostly for passing telegraph messages up and down Utah.  Telegraph systems could only send messages about 30 to 35 miles.  In order to have a message reach St. George from Salt Lake City it would have to be relayed.  Cove Fort was built and run by Gordon B Hinkleys grandfather.  We have friends serving in the visitor center here and stopped in to see them on our way back for Cedar City a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty interesting place – I would recommend stopping in there if your traveling through that area of Utah.  conveniently located close to the freeway close to where I-15 and I-70 meet.

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Jan 262013

I’ve had plenty of winter especially this last week with the freezing rain and high temperatures in the teens.  So I went into the photo collection to see if I could find something interesting.  Here’s a picture taken May 4, 2009, ISO 400, 1/125th second, f22, 107mm.

Spring Salt Lake Temple

Jan 212013

I haven’t posted much at all the last couple of months.  I miss getting out and shooting.  I also miss posting!  Well, I’m going to cheat and post a work related photo.  I had to take some photos of the existing spaces where a couple of restaurants I’m working on are going to be built.  This one is the future dining area of Bistro 222 at 222 Main in Salt Lake.  This one is shot at 18mm, ISO 400, 1/15th sec at f4.  It was pretty late in the day sun wise so there wasn’t a lot of light.  Which was good for getting good exposure inside and out.

01 13-Bistro 222-025-Edit

Dec 302012

Well, since the season is rapidly coming to a close here’s the rest of what I quickly processed from last nights shoot of the Christmas lights at Temple Square.  I usually post over several days after a shoot, but it’s late so not this year.  I took several of a couple of the nativities set up at Temple Square.  One of the Assembly Hall and others of the Salt Lake Temple.  I won’t go into detail about how they were shot and etc.  I’ll tell you that I used Photomatics, Lightroom and Photoshop to process the photos.  These are all HDRs done in Photomatics and the Panoramas were put together in Photoshop.  I use Lightroom to keep track of all the photos and do some quick edits – great software.  Anyway, hope you like them.

Dec 292012


Or in other words better late than never.  I hope you think so anyway.  It was a brisk 25 degrees tonight on temple square and after and hour of shooting my camera was still going strong, but my fingers were not.  Here’s the first thing I shot tonight.  I like it and just to make things interesting I did it in monochrome as well (no not black and white).  This is a five shot HDR.  So this shot is kind of a happy accident as well.  I left some of the setting (like ISO) on auto so the ISO varies on the shots used to put this picture together between 100 and 400.  As a result the shutter only varies from 1/45 to 1/10th second.  The aperture setting for all five shots is f4.0.  Yes that’s right a very narrow depth of field.  I also did something else I don’t usually do – I left the focus on the default average the entire frame focus setting.  I usually focus a specific point.  This shot was taken will there was still a little bit of light left in the sky.