Feb 202013

I’m thinking that with this baby I’d be able to take care of all the snow that ever fell in my neighborhood.  Again spot are snow either on the lens or in the air.  The numbers: ISO 200, 18mm, f19, shutter 1/10 to 1.5 seconds.

Snow Blower Giganic

Feb 122013

Here are a couple more shots from my shoot at the railroad museum in Ogden, Utah.  You can see dark spots in some areas of the shot, that’s snow.  There are also areas of light and pattern, that’s snow/rain on the lens.  Pentax prides themselves on making water resistant cameras – I think I agree this is not the first and probably won’t be the last time I shot in a moist environment.

These are all five shot HDRs:

  • The first shot (all the engines) was shot at 21mm, ISO 200, f19, shutters from 1/6th second to 3 seconds.
  • The second (Union Station back side) is pretty much the same numbers and the water on the lens is clearly visible.
  • The third shot is like the first two except is was shot at 18mm.  This one was taken on the north end of the Union Station where there a restoration shop.  Again you can see the water on the lens.  Notice that part of the engine is missing and
  • Fourth a piece of the tender for this old steamer shot at 55mm.  If you look closely you can see this came from the Denver and Rio Grande RR.  The D&RG is the rail line that in just resently became part of the rail trail that connects Ogden to Salt Lake City.
Feb 112013

Here are shots I took of Engine 833 at the rail museum in Ogden on February 9.  These are also HDR photo – 5 shots each.  They are all about the same numbers wise: 18mm, ISO 200, f8, shutter from .5 to 8 seconds.

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Feb 092013

I told myself last night that if I was awake before the sun came up I’d get up and go to the Union Station in Ogden and shoot some of the static displays there.  I’ve always wanted to do this and just never got around to it.  It was snowing and the longer I was there the harder it snowed.  Shots I’ll post later will definitely have snow in them.  In these shots it looked like dirt on my sensor so I cleaned it up.  Since I’m posting these pictures you know where I was at the crack of dawn this morning.  These are all HDR photos composed of five shots each.

Here are the numbers:

  • the Centennial Expo Car was shot at 23mm, ISO 200, f8, shutter varied from 1/8th second to 3 seconds.
  • The maintenance car was shot at 18mm, ISO 200, f8, shutter 1/10th to 1.5 seconds.
  • The second Expo car shot  is 31mm, ISO 200, f8, shutter 1/8th to 1.5 seconds.
  • The last is a screen shot showing that this process isn’t to processor intensive, but is using nearly 8GB of my 9GB memory
Oct 172011

You may recall that we went searching for fall color last week and found some.  We ended up in Evanston and had a nice dinner.  Then, when it was completely dark, very windy and beginning to rain I found the Evanston train station.  Well, I’m required by some kind of weird self imposed rule to take a picture regardless of conditions.  I was freezing to death and most of the shots didn’t turn out because the wind apparently was causing my tripod to move during my one and two minute exposures.  Well, this one turned out!  6 shooter HDR and no noise in the black sky.  It’s a miracle!  It’s Wyoming so it a 6 shooter not a 6 shot HDR just in case you were wondering.

Apr 192011

My buddy Jonathan was with me in Vicksburg and in the evening we would do photo safaris.  He snapped a picture of me taking this picture.  I had no idea until I saw it on Facebook.  Here’s the station.

Jan 232011

Well, looks like winter needs to end so I can get out and take some more pictures.  Being sick the last couple of weeks hasn’t helped.  So here’s another picture of number 98 from 1975.  This is one of my favorites.

Dec 282009

I thought since I was stuck inside that I would work on some old photos. This one taken in the summer of 1975 in Wilmington Delaware. Back in the day I was shooting with a Yashica TL Electra X. I had a 50 mm f1.7 lens and shot on 35 mm slide film