Sep 162016

As far as chronology goes this is out of order, but I don’t think you’ll care.  So I’ll just say we went to Breckenridge, Colorado a couple of weeks ago to start an extended fall color tour.  Well we were too early.  There was a very little color.  If I get around to it I’ll share those later.  Last week we went to Island Park like we’ve been doing the last couple of Septembers and it was awesome.  Last year we were too late so we scheduled an earlier slot this year.  Again not a lot a color when we got there.  After a couple of pretty cool days and some time fishing while it was snowing, the fall color was coming on.  What I’m sharing here are pictures I took the last day we were there and the area these are taken in is a rather small isolated area.

The area was pretty diverse.  We’ve got a panorama of a pond in sunlight and everything else in shade from the clouds.  These pictures were taken about 6:30 pm so a half an hour before sunset.  I love what I call an angry sky and there’s a good one in these shots.  Other shots are all individual exposures.  I usually shoot fall color with a aperture of f8 or so.  The individual tree with the blurred background was taken with 100mm lens opened up to f2.8.


Sep 232014

We went back up to Island Park last week and had a blast.  Here are a couple of shots from our visit.  After years away we’ve gotten back into going up to Sawtelle Peak.  It’s right around 10,000 ft.  I took some shots of flowers and other things up there earlier this summer.  I’m fascinated with what happens to the trees when you get up close to the top.  There’s a line called the tree line of any mountain.  Above a certain elevation trees no longer grow.  There’s any area close to the tree line where the trees struggle.  I took a few pictures and I’ll share one here.

We also went for a little 40 mile ATV ride along the Continental Divide and surrounding area in Montana.  There was an interesting series of beaver dams on the South Fork of the Madison River.

Lastly but not least is getting to start nice fires to warm up the cabin in the morning.  Low temps were in the 30’s and highs about 70.  Beautiful weather.

Apr 152014

After spending time in a very frozen New England it was nice to come home and see some significant signs of spring.  I took these photos with a 100mm macro lens.  The f stop was f7.1 and shutter speeds varied from 1/1250 and 1/250th second, ISO 100.  We have a flowering plumb in the front yard which I really like and it went nuts with blooms this year.  I also grabbed a shot of one of our bulbs.  The bulbs didn’t do very good this year.  Must be time for some new ones.

Dec 172013

I’ve got to admit I’m really more of a summer or at least warmer weather person.  The last few days have been bitter cold and add to that the last couple of days have been foggy.  On the bright side literally what do you get when the sun comes out?  Thick frost on everything.  I snapped this this morning in my backyard. Ice CrystalsISO 200, 1/1250 sec, f8, 135mm

Dec 022010

The title for this post is kind of dumb, but oh well.  Back when I was in college taking photography classes (1976) we did something called solarization.  This is a photo I used in the assignment, I replicated the process in Photoshop and here are the result.  It was a lot easier to do in Photoshop!  The photo was taken on the mountain above Provo between Christmas and New Years as I was there visiting my grandparents.