Dec 142015

Actually all the snow we get here in Utah is real.  Best snow on earth!  This is just the first REAL snow of the year and probably as much as we got all last year.  Two more days of snow coming!  Didn’t use the snow blower at all last year and gave it a good work out tonight.  Anyway here’s a peek out the front door at the heavy wet snow and Christmas lights.  The branches of the pine are so heavy that most of the lights have fallen off, but it still looks pretty cool.

Christmas at our house

Dec 112015

The weather was really mild a couple of days ago when I went to shoot Christmas lights at Temple Square.  Good news is I didn’t freeze, bad news is everyone and all their brothers and sisters were there.  We took my daughter and a couple of grand kids which was fun.  I’ll share a couple of picture now and try to get more Christmas pictures later.

Jul 052015

I went to Provo  with my family to participate in the Freedom Festival Balloon event on the 4th.  My daughter in laws dad has several balloons he flies and he was at the festival.  The unfortunate thing is that the weather kept them from actually flying.   They went through the process of blowing them up, heating them up and taking them down and putting them away anyway.  I’ve captured lots of pictures of the process and thought I would share a few here.  It was early in the morning and light wasn’t that good so I shot all of these at ISO 800 to make sure I could keep the shutter speed up.  I varied the aperture as I thought appropriate for depth of field.  I just couldn’t help giving some of these an HDR look.

Oct 182014

Here are some more fall color panoramas from Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The one labeled Big Cottonwood is in the same area as the pan I posted earlier.  The other two are of a little rapid up stream a couple of miles.  The pans taken at the rapids were taken handheld because there wasn’t any place to set up a tripod.  The Close picture was taken while laying on the rocks at the edge of the river.  Both upper pans are three picture each and the other is five pics.


Oct 132014

This is probably the end of what I shot earlier this month.  Today Janis and I are headed out for the annual fall color shoot.  It’s our objective to do new places every year and I don’t think we’ll run out of places to shoot fall color any time soon.  We will head up Big Cottonwood and then back down the Alpine Loop.  Should be awesome.  I’m always a little afraid of being late, so well see.

These pictures were taken on my way back down from Powder.  This little creek was a bit of a struggle to get down to, but worth the effort.  The Ogden Divide is the road from Liberty, UT down into North Ogden.  This shot was taken close to the top where there was a little turn out on the road and lots of Scrub Oak brush in the foreground.  Unfortunately the scrub Oak hadn’t done it’s brilliant red thing yet.  Down at the bottom is North Ogden.

Oct 092014

I promised a friend that I would post a few close shots of aspens.  Well, here’s what I captured the other day.  One of these is also a pan, but closer than the over all pans I posted earlier.  This was my first time up to Powder Mountain.  Powder as it’s known by locals is not one of the most popular ski areas, but if your into lots of interesting terrain it’s one of the better resorts.  I took these shots hand held and as a result there were a lot that didn’t turn out.  Lesson learned – better to set up the tripod than to get home and not have much.  Because these shoots where done near sunset there really wasn’t very much light and even though I had the ISO turned up 400, the shutter was 1/30th at of a second at f8 – usually not a problem, except that is was cold at 8,100 ft with no sun.

Oct 042014

Went out shooting tonight after work. Several guys from work are out shooting this week end too. They took guns, I took a Canon. If you want to go shoot fall color with me sometime in the next couple of weeks lets get it arranged! I’d love to. I have Columbus Day off so Janis and I usually go shooting and then to dinner. That’s a week from Monday. Let us know if you want to come along. We start late afternoon. We’ve ended up in Evanston, WY for dinner or Eden or where ever. Pretty unstructured.

Powder Mountain Pan 01

Sep 082014

I have a succulent (sorry I can’t remember the name) in my backyard that flowers every year about this time.  Every time it flowers I have lots of visitors so I thought I would take pics of some of them this year.  I had to warn the grand kids to let the bees have the flowers so they could make some yummy honey.  I wonder what the honey made from this pollen tastes like.  These were all taken with my 100mm macro lens so I wasn’t really that close.  ISO 200, shutter 1/640th second f7.1

Jul 052014

So I was out in the neighborhood last night shooting fireworks. Well, since it was the neighborhood and not a big fireworks show I didn’t get any pictures that really rocked my world. There are some big fireworks shows later in the summer and maybe I’ll try again. Anyway, we have some Daylilies in our yard that are pretty awesome so I thought I would share them. These where taken with a 100mm macro lens f8 for 1/8 second handheld. ISO 400.  The yellow daylilies where being watered by the sprinkler – kind of a neat effect.

Jun 282014

The Air Force Thunderbird group is in town this week end for the bi-annual air show at Hill.  I love this stuff so I just could resist snapping a few pictures.  Bare in mind that because  I changed cameras my longest lens in only 135 mm.  So all of these pics were shot at 135mm.  I shot these all a 400 ISO and f5.6 so I could get a nice face shutter speed for these pics shutter is in the range of 1/6400 to 1/8000th second.  Yea, that’s fast!  I probably could have reduced the ISO a little and increase picture quality a bit.  I really like the shot where you can read the USAF on top of the wings.  I’ll have to admit having a dramatic sky for a background really makes a difference.

There were also a number of other flying demonstration including the group I’ve included here.  The most amazing one was the Red Bull stunt pilot.  I didn’t take any pictures of that for a couple of reasons.  First there was not way to really capture what he was doing and I could stop watching.   He was amazing!