Oct 262012

1/125 second, f9.5, ISO 400, 300mm

2 sec, f13, ISO 200, 300mm

I just can’t resist.  Here’s another shot of the deer grazing in the meadow.  The other one taken down the road a ways where I took my pans.  The deer seem pretty calm considering how close it is to hunting season.  The second picture was taken pretty much at dusk, not very much light left – so I think it turned out well despite the long exposure.  You should be able to tell from the data on the second shot I didn’t do a very good job of shifting settings from pans to wildlife.  A two second exposure of a deer?  Pretty lucky.

Oct 232012

Here’s one more panorama from the safari.  This one is taken across the road from the previous posts.  15 shot HDR, shutter speeds from 1/20th to 1 second at f13, 18mm ISO 400.

Oct 192012


How about another fall safari shot. This one is a 10 shot HDR pan.  I did two pans of this building.  I’m fascinated by decaying building and it’s fairly obvious other people are interested in this one.  I would bet by looking at the props and paths through all the weeds that photographers use this all the time for photo shots.

Oct 172012


OK, this is the same deer striking a little different pose for me.  She really was fun.  300mm, 1/125th second, f9.5 ISO 400 on a tripod.  The exposure is better on this picture than the last one I posted.  The last shot I posted is a little over exposed – which I should have fixed before I posted.

Oct 152012


Did I mention we say a fair amount of wild life on our safari?  Here’s an example:  A white tailed deer shot with my 300mm lens.  This one was pretty brave and kept walking toward me.  If it had been a bear I’d have been a little nervous.  Taken at 300mm 1/90th second f9.5 ISO 400.  The camera was mounted on a tripod.

Oct 122012

Here’s the whole pan shot from the same spot I did the individual shots I posted earlier.  This one a 20 shot HDR with the same settings as the previously posted pan.

Oct 102012


Let’s do something a little different today.  Here’s a 20 shot HDR Panorama.  Not different so far.  How about leaving out some of the picture in between the pictures so its a panorama but four individual pictures.  And no the way I shot this I can’t make it a single panorama.  I did shot it again with everything so I can make it a single pan.  Anyway this is kind of fun.  So here’s the stats.  Five exposures of each picture at 1/60th and 1/4 second at f13 ISO 400 55mm on my 16-55mm lens.


Oct 092012

Since I believe in giving credit where credit is due…Janis (my wife) saw this and insisted I stop and shoot it.  Turned out awesome.  We were out for our second annual fall color safari we saw lots of great color, deer and a fox (which I didn’t shoot – he was way to fast).  I’ll post more latter, but I wanted to brag on how good my wife getting at finding great shots!  This is a 15 shot HDR Panorama.  Exposure is between 1/8th and 2 seconds at one stop intervals (total of 5 exposure per panorama segment – 3 segments) f13 ISO 200 21 mm on my 16 to 50 mm lens.

Mar 292010

I was out by assignment tonight taking panoramas of the Wasatch Mountains. The assignment was to capture a snow capped panorama. I don’t know if this will work because the clouds in the background interferes with the profile of the mountains. I like it though…moon rising and sun setting…