Dec 292012


Or in other words better late than never.  I hope you think so anyway.  It was a brisk 25 degrees tonight on temple square and after and hour of shooting my camera was still going strong, but my fingers were not.  Here’s the first thing I shot tonight.  I like it and just to make things interesting I did it in monochrome as well (no not black and white).  This is a five shot HDR.  So this shot is kind of a happy accident as well.  I left some of the setting (like ISO) on auto so the ISO varies on the shots used to put this picture together between 100 and 400.  As a result the shutter only varies from 1/45 to 1/10th second.  The aperture setting for all five shots is f4.0.  Yes that’s right a very narrow depth of field.  I also did something else I don’t usually do – I left the focus on the default average the entire frame focus setting.  I usually focus a specific point.  This shot was taken will there was still a little bit of light left in the sky.

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