Jun 282014

The Air Force Thunderbird group is in town this week end for the bi-annual air show at Hill.  I love this stuff so I just could resist snapping a few pictures.  Bare in mind that because  I changed cameras my longest lens in only 135 mm.  So all of these pics were shot at 135mm.  I shot these all a 400 ISO and f5.6 so I could get a nice face shutter speed for these pics shutter is in the range of 1/6400 to 1/8000th second.  Yea, that’s fast!  I probably could have reduced the ISO a little and increase picture quality a bit.  I really like the shot where you can read the USAF on top of the wings.  I’ll have to admit having a dramatic sky for a background really makes a difference.

There were also a number of other flying demonstration including the group I’ve included here.  The most amazing one was the Red Bull stunt pilot.  I didn’t take any pictures of that for a couple of reasons.  First there was not way to really capture what he was doing and I could stop watching.   He was amazing!

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